How Are We Different?

Ethika Group is dedicated to fulfilling all of your Temporary or Permanent medical staffing needs. Ethika Group is a single resource firm for Healthcare facilities seeking complete recruiting and staffing services in all medical specialties.

Today’s healthcare facilities have critical staffing needs that require the highest quality candidate. Every candidate serves an important role and directly affects your facility's ability to carry on its day to day operations; most importantly, high standards of patient care, increasing market demand, and lack of revenue that comes from a shortage of staff. Whether your need is due to a medical coverage, maternity leave, vacation coverage, the opening of a new facility, increase in patient census, or the challenges in filling a permanent position, Ethika offers permanent and temporary solutions to fix any staffing needs.

What sets us apart:

One flexible agreement that will cover all your staffing needs
Free unlimited job postings on our website (just ask for details)
24/7 availability to quickly resolve any issues that may arise
Single point of contact for entire hiring process
Decisions made quickly

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Our niche:

Is tailored to our clients' needs. We specialize in providing recruiting services to a wide variety of medical facilities across the United States, on a temporary travel or permanent basis. We realize that there are several choices when it comes to your staffing needs, but let us show you, not tell you why we have the reputation of giving the highest level of customer service in the industry.

What we Provide:

We provide solutions in a wide range of areas. If you are looking to fill an opening in Therapy, Imaging, Respiratory, Mid Level, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Nursing, or Physician(s), then we can be of support to you.

Quality Assurance:

Ethika Group offers the full spectrum of QA/QM to ensure all candidates are meticulously screened. Our process includes but is not limited to:

-10-Panel Drug Screen
-Licensure Verification
-In-house risk management, including malpractice and privileging
-Credential Verification
-Education Verification
-Nationwide Criminal Background Check
-Nationwide Healthcare Sanction Check
-Nationwide Sex Offender Check
-Comprehensive Health Screening & Documentation
-Clinical Reference Check